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The Limitless CEO

Website Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

The Limitless CEO, Ali and Em - redefining CEO as Consciously Evolving Owner. Ali and Em are the leading coach duo in the UK, meeting your next level of wealth, health, freedom and happiness through strategy and energetics. I was so excited to work on their bespoke project, ‘The Boutique’ - including, not only their new website, but also unique animation. The duo wanted their website and assets to wow and stand out from the crowd, just as they do in business.

As coaches, it was vital that their website was well-integrated with their existing Kajabi platform and shows off everything that they have on the ‘shelves’.

A big part of the project was creating ‘The Boutique’ animation, as a loading page for The Boutique itself.

Alongside their website I had the pleasure of creating 12 sets of animations for their social media. These featured as part of The Limitless CEO 12 Days of Gifting 2022.

1 December 2022

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