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The Cake House

Website Design, Brand Design

About the Design

The Cake House is a cosy yet spacious three bedroom cottage situated in the picturesque village of Cawton, North Yorkshire. Although the cottage has a rich history in farming and this definitely should be included in the brand identity, we kept the main focus on the cottage itself - using a modern, yet hand-drawn, illustration of the cottage. The history then comes through in subtle elements such as the curving of the text above the icon in the Primary Logo (emulating the curve of the barn door), or the font used for 'The Cake House' bringing that touch of nostalgia.

The website is designed with guests in mind, providing all of the essential information that visitors might need to find - as well as displaying all of the beautiful images of The Cake House alongside this.would quickly and easily be able to find all of the information - as well as where to book online. From a blog with featured posts about the area, to individual pages about each cottage, and an integrated booking system so that guests can book directly with the owners.

11 December 2023

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