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The Busy Mummy

Website Design, Bespoke

About the Design

Initially becoming popular throughout lockdown 2020, The Busy Mummy is a collective; A gaggle of busy Mummies. Charlotte, the ‘Busy Mummy’, mainly makes and sells baby and toddler leggings - however also sells face masks (Covid19) and other accessories alongside this.

Charlotte already had a logo for The Busy Mummy, however had no existing brand identity surrounding this. As I start all of my projects, The Busy Mummy branding began with a mood board and I started to develop a suitable colour scheme. Using soft blues and pastel oranges, a rainbow of colours were put into place to expand from Charlotte’s logo and reflect her target audience.

When I started working on the existing Busy Mummy website, it was slightly messy and hard to navigate. I began implementing the newly expanding branding and used straight lines as section separators, throughout the site. Although these can sometimes appear slightly harsh, I used delicate colours side by side - so as to appear more gentle.

With many close-up and dark images of fabrics already in place as product photos, I brightened these and manipulated them to be displayed as realistic-looking baby and toddler leggings upon a white background. I also did the same for the rest of The Busy Mummy products.

Receiving lots and lots glowing reviews, I added a custom automated review posting page for Charlotte’s wonderful customers to share their thoughts and praise.

23 March 2021

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