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The Athena Effect

Brand Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

The Athena Effect is a networking event celebrating women's diversity, strength, wisdom and influence - founded by Dame Kelly Holmes in the year of her 20th Olympic Anniversary.

Inspired by Dame Kelly Holmes' Olympic win location, the brief for The Athena Effect was 'classy women's networking event' with 'a touch of Greek'.

The branding uses thin, delicate and elegant text which has a sophisticated-feel, including pillars, featured in the letter 'A' and 'E'; Pillars represent strength and foundations in Ancient Greek - which reflects the building blocks of networking and building connections.

As well as the core branding for The Athena Effect, I also designed digital banners for Eventbrite and slideshow backgrounds for use during the actual event. For printed materials, I designed an event programme, pull-up banners, name badges, pens and tote bags.

20 February 2024

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