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Website Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

Nanajon, founded by Delphine, is a home decor brand, based in the UK - combining the warm and hospitable Uzbek lifestyle, with the elegance of the French ‘art de la table.

Whilst Delphine already had beautiful branding in place, my job was to bring it to life through the crafting of the Nanajon website.

Before the launch of the website, I created three illustrations - centred around Delphine's upcoming Nanajon products. These were used as little teasers for the launch of Nanajon - as well as one being used as a pre-loader on the initial landing page of the website (pre-launch).

The website includes many custom features throughout, such as hidden aspects for Trade Customers, a functioning Store Locator and bespoke product pages - all enhanced by wonderful imagery from @leadmetotravel.

After working on the Nanajon's website, I also started work across Nanajon's social media - helping Delphine to curate a feed that speaks in a personal-tone to both retailers and customers.

20 November 2023

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