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Jo Loftus

Website Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

Jo Loftus, known to her clients as 'The Business Lady', is a Business Performance Coach - working with passion led experts to monetise their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Just starting out in her business journey, Jo was ready to stand-out from the crowd with her bold branding - which was carried through to her clean, yet striking, website design.

Jo's brand identity includes a line within the primary logo, which acts as ‘bridge’ to emphasise Jo's ability to bridge the gap in her clients' businesses. A swift upwards-stroke, connects the ‘J’ and ‘O’ - portraying growth (like a line on a graph) as well as adding character. The linking Os within the secondary logo also demonstrate Jo's connection with her clients.

We also worked on the branding of Jo's three programmes: 'Fly High', 'Strike' and '90 Day Business Accelerator' - as well as some social media templates - to ensure that these followed the same pattern as her branding.

Jo's website is sleek and sophisticated, acting as somewhere she can demonstrate her passion and display her services - as well as a funnel to direct her clients.

22 May 2023

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