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James Smith Plastic Surgery

Website Design, Brand Design, Social Media

About the Design

James Smith is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, working across both York and Leeds.

With no brand identity, it was hard for James to market himself across social media and make his content stand out form his competitors.

James also had an existing website which lacked functionality and was not optimised for different screen sizes, making it difficult to navigate.

We started with James' branding, creating a professional and sophisticated - yet neutral - colour palette. This used similar colours to that of James' surgery so that patients would still recognise the brand as James - yet also introduced new, alternative tones which could contrast the shades of green.

The brand identity is centred around an interconnected 'JS' icon, which resembles an infinity symbol. This conveys the journey that a patient may have gone on throughout their plastic surgery, with the continuous infinity shape symbolising how a patient may feel whole or complete after surgery. With its flowing, curvy shape, the icon may also emulate the shape a body.

Carrying the branding through to the website, I expanded it from just a landing page - adding a pages introduce James, learn about his background and qualifications and a space for James to share his knowledge through blog articles. Images and buttons displaying services link out to the Coppergate Clinic website (where James works as a Plastic Surgeon).

To maintain the branding across his social channels, I also designed a range of social media templates for James to use online.

1 May 2024

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