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Firestone Fitness

Website Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

Polly, the founder of Firestone Fitness, is a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. She is extremely passionate about health and fitness, and wanted this to shine through in her brand identity.

With the 'firestone' in the name, for Polly's colour scheme we chose bold and zealous tones of pink, red, orange and yellow - really emphasising the 'fiery' aspect of Polly's brand.

Steering away from including any sort of figure or outline of a person within the brand mark so that the brand wasn't stereotyped towards any gender, we chose to feature a kettlebell as the main icon. The kettlebell is also further highlighted by the use of a sparkly texture.

Polly's brand remains strong throughout her website, with the kettlebell also featured in various places throughout, using different shapes cut-out (instead of the fire) to help convey information. The Firestone Fitness website comes across as friendly and approachable, using rounded corners on boxes and making use of recognisable brand shapes and patterns.

I also worked on gift vouchers and editable social media templates, to maintain the Firestone Fitness brand across all medias.

27 February 2023

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