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Explorer Motorhomes

Website Design, Brand Design

About the Design

Explorer Motorhomes - owned by Gavin and Charlotte - was started with adventures in mind. The couple hire out their van - 'The Ranulph' - with their customers, so that others can also experience the joy it has brought them.

To create that adventure feel, the branding uses colours that you would find in nature - whilst out and about, travelling in the motorhome. From neutral colours inspired by the sand, to beautiful sky-blues or the blue of the deep blue sea, to bright greens that emulate the grass. The typography used for the brand identity also feels like that you might find on the front of a postcard. It feels warm and friendly, almost like a greeting - with textured marks re-emphasising that sense of adventure.

The website takes this a step further, using similarly-toned images to create a cohesive-feel. Including a booking system and a page dedicated to information about the motorhome, with the capacity to add a second motorhome, the website allows customers to view all of the information they may need - as well as enquire or book direct.

2 September 2023

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