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Crayke Cottages

Website Design, Brand Design, Bespoke

About the Design

Crayke Cottages is a charming, family-run country retreat, in the heart of rural North Yorkshire. The focus of their brand identity and website was to reflect the warmth and homeliness of the three cottages and ensure that this captured the attention of their main target audience.

As a small holiday business, it was essential that visitors would quickly and easily be able to find all of the information - as well as where to book online. Crayke Cottages website includes all of the necessary features - from a blog with featured posts about the area, to individual pages about each cottage, and multiple booking links-out to the external booking website.

To keep all of the branding consistent, I adapted the branding to be suitable for physical signs for the cottages. The existing brand mark has also been utilised for the stickers on Lucy’s home-made apple juice (which can be purchased during your stay).

20 December 2022

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