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Butterflies Beauty

Website Design, Brand Design, Bespoke

About the Design

Butterflies Beauty is a Beauty Salon based in Shaftesbury, owned by Carol. Carol originally came to me, back in 2021 to ask for help with designing a website for her business. With existing pink-themed branding already in place, I created a site that was perfect for the salon - from listing services and products used, to telling Carol's story and giving clients a central hub to get in touch with Carol (or for new clients to find her). During Covid, the blog also gave Carol an online space to share news with her clients and ensure that it reached everyone.

Fast forward to 2023 - the salon's 12th Birthday; Carol asked me to transform their loyalty cards, logo and website to celebrate.

By 2024, Carol was ready for a complete transformation - no longer knowing where brand files were stored. We gave Butterflies Beauty a complete refresh - steering away from competitors and opting for a more neutral colour scheme, inspired by the salon's recent delivery of 'et al.' makeup.

Making use of the Bs within 'Butterflies Beauty', the branding is based around the butterfly icon - which consists of two capital Bs.

1 February 2024

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