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Alexandria Smith

Website Design, Brand Design

About the Design

Alexandria Smith is a Fertility and Hormone Health Coach, helping women from all over the world to regain control of their fertility.

When Alex came to me she already had existing branding, however it was outdated and used an old brand name.

Sticking with the same colours, we gave Alex's branding a refresh - including new fonts and an icon that really reflected her and the services on offer. We chose a bold, yet sophisticated, font - paired with a stripped-back sans-serif tagline. This made Alex's brand identity feel friendly and approachable.

Replacing the current icon, which was fitting for Alex's previous brand name, I introduced an icon that is inspired by the lotus flower (a symbol of fertility). It features subtle shapes, such as a heart in the centre, as well as two 'heads' above each heart corner - causing the flower to look almost like a mother and baby, or a couple.

The reason Alex came to me in the first place was for her website design, which wasn't cohesive and needed a refresh. Once her brand identity had been created, I developed a mock-up of her refreshed design - before bringing her new brand identity into Squarespace, creating a layout that would be easier for her clients to digest. With colour and image sections, split by sleek and straight lines, this meant that the website was much easier to navigate - leading clients to Alex's services or being able to find the information they were looking for.

15 March 2024

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