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Coppergate Apartments

Website, Branding

Situated in the heart of York, Coppergate Apartments offers two self-catering apartments, located in the ideal place for visiting attractions. The apartments feature jewel-based tones throughout, which the website echoes. As well as being able to book via, Juliet and Nick’s website also hosts its own booking system - which is fully incorporated into their website.

Coppergate Apartments brand identity is based on a map pointer, conveying the fact that the apartments are in the prime location within York. The Brand Mark includes the ‘C’ and ‘A’ initials from Coppergate Apartments - with the Secondary Logo including the text in an archway above the Brand Mark (just like the archway above the apartments’ entrance).

Overall, Juliet and Nick’s Coppergate Apartments website is their online space to portray all that their guests get to experience throughout their stay (backed up by the wonderful testimonials) and accompanies their new Instagram blog perfectly.


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