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The Ripple Effect Therapy

Brand Design, Social Media

About the Design

Based on the idea of the ‘Ripple Effect’, whereby one small change can lead to many more, Clare provides confidential counselling and psychotherapy. Clare wanted her brand identity to feel connected to nature (without this being extremely obvious), as well as being soothing and calm. Using pale greens, greys and blues - paired with spiralling circles - The Ripple Effect Therapy branding was created. Where the circles may represent the ripple itself (or the ‘Ripple Effect’), they may also portray the different stages (no therapy to after therapy) a client is at.

As part of designing Clare’s branding, I also designed a range of social media templates which could be edited and used in various circumstances. From slides describing Clare’s process, to testimonials - the designs are versatile and able to be amended to suit different topics. To accompany the social media designs I also collated a range of images relevant to Clare and her business, which could be used throughout her feed (or on her website and marketing materials) alongside information.

7 September 2022

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