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Simply Caroline

Website Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

Mum of three, business owner and photographer Caroline is the content creator behind Simply Caroline. Simply Caroline is a blog, which originated on Instagram, where Caroline shares all that she loves - with the hope that her readers find enjoyment and inspiration too. Although some would think the main purpose of Caroline’s website would be to just upload blogs - it is so much more than that; We wanted to capture her personality and job aspects throughout. From photos portrayed as polaroids lining borders of pages, to having a shop where readers can find anything and everything from Instagram to buy at the click of their fingers.

Another important aspect to communicate via Caroline’s website was her new and expanding YouTube channel; The place where readers can find out more and view behind the scenes. In order to ensure brand consistency throughout, I also edit Caroline’s vlog-style videos weekly - incorporating assets (such as her polaroid pictures or Instagram feed snapshots) throughout.

3 April 2022

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