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Military in Motion

Website Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Bespoke

About the Design

Military in Motion is a worldwide fitness community, led by Dame Kelly Holmes. Originally hosting in-person events, Military in Motion became a solid online community throughout lockdown - before coming back to hosting a wide range of in-person events since 2020.

Setting a variety of Challenges and providing a range of Programmes for their community to take part in, it was vital that Military in Motion had a website as a base for anyone (whether a new MiM ‘Trooper’ or having been there since the beginning) to find all of the information that they needed. It was important to design the MiM website with this in mind. The website features individual pages for both Challenges and Programmes - as well as an overall ‘hub’ page for Fitness, and another for Sessions.

A big part of my role within Military in Motion is the branding of the actual Challenges and Programmes, to make them exciting and intriguing - enticing Troopers into wanting to sign up. Whether this be squares for Instagram advertisements, covers or thumbnails for YouTube or Gymcatch, or header images for Facebook Groups - the individual branding must be versatile, to be used in a variety of different places.

Although the brand identity for each Challenge and Programme is unique, it must also be relevant to MiM itself and stay inline with the brand guidelines.

I create a diverse range of designs for MiM socials: animations, static posts, videos and mock-ups. Mock-ups include designs of T-Shirts, Beanies, Snoods and more, all featuring as part of the ‘Uniform’ section under ‘Stores’ on the MiM website. As well as digital designs, I also design physical items - such as the MiM medals; A huge motivation in taking part in anything MiM, which Troopers love to work towards and collect.

23 June 2020

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